What Advice Would I Give To Gen Z

    The advice I would give the younger generation will be to not waste time. Know what you want to do with your life make a plan and stick to it. So many of my generation and I’m sure generations before mine were lost in this big world with all these opportunities that didn’t know how to channel them. Time is on your side just don’t let time slip by because you will blink and be 30 one day. 

    As a millennial I am saddened that I’m not part of the youngest generation anymore. I’m in my 30s and it will be interesting to see the next decade for me. 

    In short don’t waste time. Time is on your side and with all the latest innovative technology out there there’s nothing that’s holding you guys back, but you. 


Do Millennials Have An Social Media Addiction?

Do Millennials Have An Social Media Addiction?

Do millennials have a addiction to social media? In this post I look at the completely normal world called Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. These companies are overwhelming taken ahold of the Millennials, and see if they I are helping create this social media addiction.

It has always been popular to vilify the current generation of American youth as it goes through the thresholds into adulthood. The naively idealistic Baby Boomers, the lazy Gen-Xers, and now the Millennials. They are soon to be the largest groups of Americans and with this comes a common trait among all them myself included. Technology more with their dependency on social media. This invention that allows you to connect with anyone on the planet and upload your pictures, chat with your buddy’s or get a hot girl or even hook by way of Tinder, Grindr . It seems like with all this media available to us our lives would be more rich and connected. Instead what I see is another story being told.

Gen x has us beat a little on the time we spend on these sites and apps, but remember they out of boomers and gen y are the smallest group. The virtual world of the Internet creates unprecedented opportunities and pitfalls for human social relationships, and I enjoy trying to figure out how it all works myself, but that given said the numbers and startling. When Nelson did a study of more than 9000 smart phones and a total of 1300 tablets what came to be was that older folks the generation Xers 35-49 years old spent even more time on social media the millennial’s yearly 40 minutes more than six hours and 19 minutes the (18th- 34years olds) on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The problem for this group is absorption of the news print magazines in 6 o’clock news I’ve seen it rot decline in viewership and subscription-based more more millennial’s are tuning in to their smart phones in new ruining their choice of news content to their audience this creates a very small world almost incubating this group. 
Good news is that there are things we can do to middle is the impact of this new addiction. 

  • Logging off just for a day to greatly help our moods help us engage with our love ones logging off for 30 minutes a day could help us do something else like exercise read a book. Logging off can also help with how we see the world. Every day you hear something negative about the Middle East you hear something awful though if the divide in this country from the president to race it really puts the negative you and your head so just for peace of mind logging off social media can tune out all that negativity.
  • Set Ground Rules. If you have a company a business or your main source of income is through social media then set some boundaries based on those dates so you can use your time efficiently. Set aside certain amount of times during the week to handle your social media task then log off. Once you experiment with the best time of day the best amount of time to spend, you may be motivated to cut back even more in other areas that social media has taken a foothold in.
  • Outside help is just as good too. OK so you might have to wean yourself off of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat in increments. First, cut back to checking at certain times of day for example at lunchtime or right when you get off work. Until you can kick this bad habit. Tell others about the transition in the best ways to get in with you. And, if you have any trouble staying off use reinforcements like freedom or antisocial. 

We may have this new problem with our generation but I’m sure what time practice patience and perseverance we can get a better hold on it and control it.

Talk Less, Do More. Actions Speak for themselves.

Talk Less, Do More. Actions Speak for themselves.

I enjoy reading her post its upbeat content brightens my day.

Staying healthy isnt a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice

How can I say this politely without offending anyone, hmm? Talk less and do more. Sounds easy enough, but guess how many people say they will do something and talk a big game, but when the time comes, hey.. they are still talking about it and yet haven’t taken any action. 

We all like to talk about goals, talk about doing vacations and talk about losing weight, eating healthier, driving the speed limit, and what not, but as soon as the time comes where we need to take action, we don’t. We end up regretting it 30 days later and then end up starting where we were: talking a good game but still haven’t done shit about it. The majority of people who “talk” more are talking because they are hoping that someone will enable them to do it, give them a reason to do whatever it is they want…

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Combatting Loneliness 

Combatting Loneliness 

The part on giving up social media I can relate too.

Kenya Imara

Being lonely isn’t something I like to talk about too often. I fell like there’s this weird stigma that comes with loneliness where people automatically assume something is wrong with you. They assume you’re depressed, or seem to find ways to make your feelings of being alone seem invalid. I Googled what stigmas existed about loneliness and there are actual psychological studies that have been done that show lonely people are viewed negatively. Lonely people are looked at as weaker, less attractive, and less sincere according to certain studies. Loneliness isn’t something that should be frowned upon or viewed in a negative light. It’s a normal emotion we’ve all experienced at one time or another as human beings.

I remember being particularly lonely my first semester of college, and not wanting to talk about it with anyone, out of fear of being judged or seen as weird. In reality, a…

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Why Do We Millennials Like To Travel?

                          By Zachar Thompson 

            Why do we Millennials love to travel so much well it might be because we love new experience and feel like like is worth living. We can’t just be content with taking the usual vacation to the beach we have to go somewhere exotic foreign learn a different culture the number show. We spend roughly $200 billion a year on travel. Those numbers are big! It’s likely these figures will only increase as the years development.

      Millennial aren’t your usual travelers. Growing up we had the trophy that made us feel special, so it’s only obvious that our vacations be fitted just for us. I know you can laugh now.  


     I think what Millennials want to feel like the world is still filled with thing to do, people to see and a whole world waiting for them. Millennials saw their world shaped by the traumas of the 9/11 attacks, two ongoing wars, back-to-back recessions, natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, and man-made environmental disasters life. 

   Can the Older Generations Learn From Us Millennials?

     The older generation those born before 1982 can learn a lot from us millennial and the newly gen z. With technology advancing at a alarming rate and our values and social impact we have now and coming I think it’s time for some learning from us. Technology is very important keep up. That has to be one of the main things older generation can learn from us. I’m not saying that they are all incapable of learning it just seems like quite a large number of them are set in their ways of doing things the old way and then get left behind. For example communication I know for me speaking I prefer text messaging over talking on the phone if I can get my grandma to learn how to do that definitely would help our communication. 

     More more open-minded tolerant of different opinions then the older generation. With the Millennials taking over the work place and encroaching on gen x I think learning from us on how to be more tolerant to different people is not only a good thing to know but it’s just the right thing to do as a human being.

     It’s not all learning onside. We millennial’s and learn quite a lot from the baby boomers and even Generation X. I just think right now at this point in our human existence were being hit with rapidly changing technology busting population of millennial’s with different beliefs opinions that the older gens should take note.

The similarities and differences between the lost generation and generation X

The similarities between the lost generation and generation X are they both value individuality balanced with collaboration, diversity, being able to handle change, and a love of new technology.

The differences between the lost generation and generation X Gen Xers spent less time with their parents than previous generations of children had. First recognized as latchkey kids, this generation found themselves home alone and taking care of themselves. Another difference is generation x has been much better than the lost generation about saving money. Gen Xers have taken advantage of 401(k) accounts, beginning this investment much earlier in their work life, and they have not waited to put money aside for their children.